Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 4 Notes

Animated Background - Jumpbacks
looped background

-Select your jumpaback (the thing you want to loop)
-Click the first icon (Interpret Footage) // You can also right click the imported file to get interpret footage.
-In Interpret Footage you can change the frame rate and the select the alpha channel if that is an option on the piece you are importing.
-In Interpret Footage>Other Options (at the bottom) you can select to loop 

Blending Modes
In the time line area you right click place where it says Normal. (under the icon of the guy)

The Sun switch / looks un-pixelated
Everything must be RGB
From Illustrator if you scale up an Illustrator file it looks like crap unless you click that little sun/star icon next.
-Import the ai file
-Drag it into the time line
-Click the little sun icon next to the / (slash) icon

Scaling vs Zooming
If you zoom in it looks like crap but if you scale it will be normal.
It doesn't matter if you're at 400% and it looks like crap, it matters what it looks like at 100%.

Animated Text
Animation > Browse Presets
double the one you want
the text may disappear because now it will be animated

Making a Sequence in Photoshop
You can make a PS file with a bunch of layers and have them played sequential in photoshop.
1. Make a PS file with a bunch of layers. The top layer will be animated first ( played first).
    So if you want a line to grow the top layer has nothing and the subsequent layers add more to the
2. In PS File>Scripts>Export Layers to File
    Make sure you select that it is a PSD or PNG, whatever.
     Make a new folder for all the files to be stored.
3. In AE Import the file > when you import only select the first file.
    At the bottom check off: 
    +Save PS Sequence
    + Force Alphabetical Sequence
4. Once you have it all imported you select Interpret Footage and you can change the rate at which
   layers are played.

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