Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 2 Notes

week 2

Click the diamond to get a still "dummy" frame.

To render you have to have the timeline area all selected to get Composition>Add to Render

For Homework
For the homework bring the resolution down to half in Render Settings.
Format > Do not choose AVI for homework, choose Quicktime - change Video Codec to H264
   For the midterm do Motion jpeg

You have to Check the Audio Output box to get audio.

Motion Blur

You click the motion blur box on the layer.
First you click the motion blur button on the top (above the layers area) then you click the actual layer/object that will have the motion blur.
*Shutter angel is the amount of motion blur

The green line
has something to do with the ram and the memory

Select all the key frames
Select them all and hold ALT it moves them in a "scale" way

The dots on the motion path (the line that is created when you move the object), they represent the imbetween time. Since the spacing is even, the movement is even. But if you wanted to EASE it, like in Flash, then the dots would be space further apart towards the end of the motion path.

Graph Editor
Slecet Keyframes
  Go to Animation>Keyframe Assistant > Easy Ease In, Easy Ease Out, etc
 In the graph editor you see the curve that represents that easing movement.

To remove the easing you Control Click on the dots so they turn back into diamonds.

Importing Layered PSD
Import As- Composition Retain Layers

Change Background Color
Composition Settings

Make a new composition call it final.
 Drag your other compositions (your other original animations) and drag it into your new Final composition. For example make a composition called Bee where the bee flies around. Drag Bee multiple times into Final. Then stagger each of the Bees that are inside Final, you staggger their time line. You can make changes to all these bee, for example you can mirror them.

Storyboard for Midterm
Bug project

week_two week_one

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