Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 3 Notes

Animation gets cut off
When you place an animation inside the composition and the animation looks like its geting cut off at the edges. You go into Composition Settings and make the width of the original animation larger.

Shy Layer 
(looks like a guy peeking over the fence) Which ever layers you check the "hat" and then click the guy you will only see those layers. This is so the timeline doesn't get so cluttered.

Solo Layer
Makes just that layer appear

Use the pan behind tool (2 left of the pen)
to move the rotation point

(in the render queue the yellow text)
Render Settings - Resoultion > half
Output Module - Quicktime
                         - Format Options > H264

Rendering Faster in the Preview
Hit Capslock and it is faster

Make Object Rotate Automatically
Right click the layer (inside the timeline)
>Orient on path
(AS6 Transform> Auto-Orient)

Clipping Movies
In the preview area above the timeline you click and drag that timeline. You click the button that looks like { to cut the clip.
This doesn't change anything permanently.

Go to the point you want to slice.
Edit > Split Layer

Stretch the Clip - so it spans a longer time distance
right click on the layer in the blank area to the right of the cube

Drag the clip to right away from 0 on the timeline (or else it jumps to negative numbers and you cant grab it)
Layer>Time>Time Stretch
Click stretch number (100% or whatever) then make it negative -100%

Frame Blending
Click the thing that looks like a bunch of pieces of film on top of each other.
Then click the box on the layer (it will have a dotted slashed line to it on)
This blends the frame

Control Blur
Composition Setting > Advanced Tab > Motion Blur Setting

One the layer where it says none you toggle down to say what you are parent.
So you can animate a left wing and parent the right ring so you don't have to animate it.
Make sure you do it at the right keyframe or else it doesn't look right.

[Speed things up]
Collapsing layers into 1 comp
 Select the layers you want to collapse
Layer>Precompose "move all attributes" to 1 composition

Collapse all the extra tabs in the layer area

Midterm Examples

Everything is constantly moving so it feels dynamic.
Not so good ending
Good timing with music

Anchor Man
You don't need have the characters, it sort of gives away the movie.
Setting up midterm

Photoshop set up with preset for Film &  Video
pixel aspect ratio d1/dv ntsc
(make sure to respect the title safe area)
Folders will convert to compositions

Document profile - Video & Film
dpi 72
You have to create layers

Title Safe
You can turn the title safe area on in After Effects by clicking the Dotted Square icon above the timeline.

Scripting Links

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