Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 8 Notes

Setting up Folders

Making a Jumpback
1. Composition>trim comp to work area

2. Duplicate the length of the composition
    If the length of your composition is 2.22, then your final will be 4.44 (AE will round this number)

3. Duplicate the clip so you have 2 of them in the timeline

4. Stretch
     You got to get to stretch.
     You may have to right click in the timeline area right after the cube icon.
     Or right click after trackmatte.
 Stretch > change to -100

4. Drag the one of the clips right after the other.
     So now the 2 clips are seamless and loop.

Automatic way to Line Everything Up
Select all the layers
Right click on the layers
Keyframe Assistant > Sequence

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