Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 7 Notes

Select the layer  -then- select the rectangle tool.
The box should have yellow lines and in the layer say mask.
If not then you have probably created a shape layer, which is wrong.

 - Where the mask is present, that part is visible.
 - You can have any number of masks per layer.
 - You can animate the mask path frame by frame.

Mask Expansion
1. Layer > New Solid
2. Then put a mask on top
The area that is effected by the mask expands or contracts based on Mask Expansion numbers.

Custom Mask
1. Use the pen tool to create your mask shape.
2. When you close the mask it makes the background out.
3. Make the background show: Double click the layer to be in layer view, so you can adjust the mask by clicking render check box.

4.  At the very end, you can feather the mask or use a negative mask expansion to get a better mask.

Frame by Frame
To go from frame to frame:
Ctrl+right arrow
Ctrl+left arrow

To Clip the video
Double click the video in the time line
Slide the { } buttons to where you want to clip it.
The video is not destroyed, you can get the cut off footage back if you want.

Trim clip to work area
You have to slide the timeline yellow thing to the left. 
 (The grey bar with the yellow bars at the end, under the numbers in the timeline.)
Then you can right click the grey bar at the top of the timeline to trim the clip.

Once you have you clip....
To Mask out the Person
1. Use the pen tool to create a mask on you clip.
2. Make a dummy keyframe for the Mask Path

1 character from the think different apple movie
15 secs
rotoscope commercial for History Channel

Week 7
1. Rotoscope one character from the “Think Different” movie (4 POINTS)
2. Research your character and gather more images that you can use in the ad.(2 POINTS)
3. Find a jumpback the coordinates with these colors and use blending modes to integrate the pictures and movies. (2 POINTS)

Week 8 create steps 1-6
1. Loop your footage by reversing one clip in another composition. (2 POINTS)
2. Extend the length of your looped footage to 15 seconds (2 POINTS)
3. Create a final composition in which you reuse the footage created before (2 POINTS)
4. Use the History channel logo, use the history channel colors (2 POINTS)
5. Create an ad for an upcoming show on the History channel that revolves around your character (Exp. If you chose Gandhi, you can create a fictional show about the peace movement in the 60’s) (2 POINTS)
6. Indicate the time and title of the show using animated text presets (2 POINTS)

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